Manhattan cocktail blended with various flavors

Blended with the flavors of bitters and sweet vermouth in whiskey, the Manhattan cocktail is one very popular type of cocktail in the world. The whiskeys which are commonly used in the Manhattan cocktail include bourbon, Canadian whiskey and blended whiskey.  The actual Manhattan cocktail is served with ice along with a cherry stem (for garnishing) in a cocktail glass.

Generally, to continue the legacy, Manhattan cocktail is served in old fashioned glasses. Also, these are served on the rocks to maintain the excellent taste. The Brooklyn cocktail which is a blend of Maraschino booze and dry vermouth is closely related to the Manhattan cocktail.


A Manhattan cocktail is believed to be invented in New York City at the Manhattan club. The person who invented this cocktail was Dr. Lain Marshall. He had made this cocktail for a banquet which was hosted by Jennie Jerome and the banquet was a big success. With the success of the banquet the cocktail received appreciation by the people and soon it became one of the most popular cocktails of the world.


In every restaurant and bar of Fohr (which is a small island at the North Frisia) you will find the Manhattan cocktail for sure. The Manhattan cocktail is the standard drink at this island and the locals there really love this drink.

There is also a traditional story which says that the people from Fohr once moved to the Manhattan in New York through a fishing trip and they had the Manhattan cocktail there. They liked it so much and brought this drink to their island. Since then the Manhattan cocktail has become one of the most popular drinks at Fohr and people from around the world visit the island to have it.

Usually, the Manhattan cocktail is mixed in such ratio such that the drink contains 2 parts whiskey and 1 part vermouth and is served cold. This mixing ratio is said to the perfect mixing ratio for making the Manhattan cocktail.

Manhattan cocktail

Other variations

Traditionally, the Manhattan cocktail is made with rye whiskey but people also love the variations to this cocktail which are then made with Canadian whiskey or bourbon whiskey. Both types of whiskeys don’t contain any rye at all. However, since the people demand for these a lot, you won’t find any problems in finding the varied form of the traditional Manhattan cocktail at any famous bar.

The Manhattan cocktail has been experimented with different flavors and ingredients since it was invented. The bartenders show their creativity by adding different ingredients to it.  Some bartenders serve the cocktail with foam on the surface of the cocktail glass (which is produced by shaking the drink in the cocktail shaker only) while others add different types of bitters to the cocktail which include Peychaud bitters or orange bitters.

To add a unique taste to the cocktail, many bartenders prepare the drink by using self made ingredients which are the substitute to the conventional ingredients like vermouth etc. Instead of the cherry stem some also use the lemon peel.

Manhattan cocktail for fun party

Manhattan Cocktail is one of the favorite cocktails for parties. Parties should have drinks and lots of fun. When a person organizes party then it becomes really difficult for the party organizer to arrange different cocktails for different people. Manhattan cocktail is one such cocktail that will be liked by almost all the people. Manhattan Cocktail was found in the year 1870 and at that point, it was made with only rye whisky but people today like to experiment and hence, they have started trying it with all possible things thus, making it preferable for everybody.


How to prepare Manhattan Cocktail?

Many people love to drink Manhattan cocktail but someone who says that they know the recipe for the same then people think that it’s a very difficult job but that’s not true. If a person is willing to make Manhattan cocktail then they can make it easily. To make Manhattan Cocktail, an individual needs to follow the below process: -

  1. If a person wants to prepare Manhattan cocktail for one person then they will need 2 oz rye whiskey, ½ oz sweet vermouth, 3 angostura bitters and the person can have few maraschino cherries for the purpose of garnishing.
  2. All the ingredients needs to be stirred well in ice and the stirring process should be done with the help of a stirring glass so that all the things stir well.
  3. Once the stirring process is done, the person can serve the Manhattan cocktail with cherries garnishing.

Favors of Manhattan Cocktail

There are other types of Manhattan cocktail available as well and the recipe for the same is comparatively different than that of the normal Manhattan cocktail that was described above. Few of the other variations are as follows: -

  1. Instead of Sweet vermouth, the person can use dry vermouth and instead of using cherries for garnishing, the person can just squeeze lime over the cocktail.
  2. Otherwise the person can use both sweet vermouth and dry vermouth in equal quantity and once dry vermouth is used, the person should squeeze lime rather than using cherries for the purpose of garnishing.
  3. If the person is very keen about trying something new then they can use brandy instead of whiskey. This will give a completely different taste to Manhattan cocktail.
  4. If the person doesn’t like brandy and whiskey then they can try scotch. Scotch is liked by many people over whiskey.

How to organize Manhattan Cocktail party?

After reading the variations above, the organizer can be sure about the variety in taste that a person can get from Manhattan cocktail itself. Few tips that will help the person make the Manhattan cocktail party fun-filled are as follows: -

  1. The person should be aware about the number of people who will be attending the party and then accordingly, the arrangements for the drinks can be made.
  2. Once the number of people who will be coming for the party is confirmed, the person should know individual’s taste.

Manhattan cocktail should be arranged in excess so there is no lack of drink availability at the party.